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As part of the BioPro Septic Tank Care range, BioBleach can be used with SepClean, SuperClean and BioCat. BioBleach will not harm the action of SepClean or harm the septic tank.


Easy to use, Special stain removing action, works as part of septic tank care, Strong germicidal properties, Will not harm the septic tank.

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Use BioBleach in Bathrooms, WC, kitchens to remove stains, deodorise and eliminate germs.
Use as normal bleach based powders without the detrimental effects of chlorine based bleach. Can also be mixed with SuperClean to create a highly effective hard surface cleaner and germicidal deodorant.

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BioBleach Information

Highly effective bathroom cleaner which is compatible with SepClean and does not harm your septic tank

BioBleach is designed to replace traditional bathroom cleaners. It is formulated to be compatible with SepClean and will not harm the working of your septic tank.

• Special Stain Removing Powder

• Works as part of septic tank care

• Strong germicidal properties

• Will not harm the septic tank