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BioCat bio-nutrient treatment introduces oxygen and reactivates sluggish septic tanks and cess pits. It is designed to kick start the production of natural enzymes and eliminate odours. BioCat can be used in conjunction with SepClean and the products in the Septic Tank Care Range.


Bio-nutrient, Introduces Oxygen, Boosts SepClean activity, Reduces tank emptying, Kick starts septic tanks and soakaways, Stops smells coming from pipework.

Additional Information

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Introduce into the WC bowl. Can also be used to clean and deodorise waste bins.
Pour a quarter of a bottle into the WC bowl and flush immediately. repeat every 3 months. (1 bottle = 1 years supply. For waste bins, use a 10% solution with water and apply to the bin with a trigger sprayer.

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BioCat Information

Starter-Booster for clogged up Septic Tanks

BioCat starter booster is designed to kick-start sluggish or blocked septic tanks. It can be applied initially to a poor septic tank and then SepClean can be used to maintain the tank in peak condition.