6 Pack = 30 Litres | 12 Pack = 60 Litres


Product Description

Compot is the most advanced bio composter currently available. For hundreds of years gardeners have known the benefits of using good compost which is home produced from one’s own garden waste. Now there is no need to prepare a pit and wait whilst nature.


Supplied as water soluble powder. Non-Toxic. Non Hazardous

Additional Information

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Where To Use: You can place the compost bin anywhere in your garden and proceed to fill with garden and suitable organic household waste material.
How to Use: Place 1 sachet of Compot in a watering can and fill with 5 litres (1 gallon) of water. Leave for 48 hours then apply on top of your garden waste.

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Biopot Information

Break down green garden and kitchen waste fast!

Clean and Safe to use

Sachet dissolves in cold water

Rapid Breakdown of kitchen and garden green waste

Increases rate of waste decomposition without smells

Compost is ready to use in shorter time

Increase rate of compost production Safe on all garden plants

ComPot is a Bio-composter which will dramatically increase the rate of breakdown of green kitchen and garden waste in compost bins and heaps. ComPot is clean and safe to use. simply add one sachet to 5 litres of water and leave for 24 hours before adding to the compost bin or heap. The compost is ready to use far more quickly and the compost bin can be emptied for further use in shorter time. ComPot is safe for animals, fish and wildlife and non-toxic.