874g 12 Sachets – 1 years supply in re-useable airtight pack

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SepClean contains a range of carefully selected and acclimatised micro-organisms. These are all naturally occuring strains which have not been modified in any way. Use SepClean on a regular basis to replenish the microbiological population in the septic tank.



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How to Use: Each SepClean sachet contains a measured dose. To apply, simply drop the whole sachet into the toilet or put directly into the septic tank. For a normal household tank up to 2500 litres, a typical dose is one 50g sachet per month. For larger households use 2 x 60g sachets per month.
Where To Use: Your septic tank acts as a collection point for your household sewage. It provides a holding area to allow the waste to settle and for micro-organisms to break down, liquefy and deodorise the organic matter. The process is entirely biological. SepClean introduces millions of healthy new micro-organisms to the septic tank, replacing the lost enzymes and redressing the balance, allowing the septic tank to digest the waste products naturally. Breaking down the organic solids and eliminating smells, blockages and overflows.

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SepClean Information

Septic Tanks are prone to a gradual build up of deposits and a slowing down of the natural digesting action of the micro-organisms which normally break them down. This can lead to malfunctioning of the septic tank, blockages, bad smells, overflowing and consequent boggy conditions in the overflow area around the Septic Tank.

Environmentally Safe, SepClean employs natural enzymes which are non-toxic. It uses no harsh chemicals and is regarded as environmentally safe.

Banishes Odours Smells from tanks and drains are normally the result of waste solids which are not being broken down naturally. SepClean improves the break down process and ensuring that the breakdown is contained within the septic tank eliminates nasty odours.

Reactivates Septic Tanks and Cesspits Natural biological action in tanks is slowed down or stopped by the use of household detergents and harsh chemicals. When this natural action ceases the tank rapidly fills up with undigested waste solids leading to problems. SepClean rapidly restores the biological balance by introducing millions of healthy new micro organisms allowing the tank to function normally.

Reduces Costs An efficient septic tank system costs less to run. Because SepClean causes the septic tank to run more efficiently, the number of emptyings can be significantly reduced. Ther is also likely to be far less chance of needing the services of a plumber to fix faults.

Cleans Drains & Pipes SepClean is a very efficient way to keep pipes and drains clean. The active ingredients will attack fats and solids lodged in the pipes, breaking them down and allowing them to flow more easily.

Easy and Clean to use The normal method of using SepClean is to simply add 1 sachet to the toilet bowl once a month. This simple action will maintain your septic tank in good condition throughout the year.