1 or 5 Litre Bottle


Product Description

Biological Multi-Purpose cleaner/deodoriser compatible with SepClean and Septic Tank Systems.


Unique Biological active liquid. Bacterial Stain Cleaner. Biodegradable. Deodorising action. Can be sprayed, mopped or sponged. Works on a wide range of surfaces. Excellent general cleaner and sanitiser.

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1 Litre, 5 Litre

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Spot clean or shampoo carpets, drapes or remove deep organic stains such as wine, food, vomit, urine etc. general cleaning of bathrooms, sinks, showers, floors, wc, tiled walls etc.
Can be sprayed, mopped or sponged.

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SuperClean Information

SuperClean Advanced Biological Household Cleaner – Septic tank compatible

Superclean is a Biological Multi-Purpose cleaner/deodoriser compatible with SepClean and Septic Tank Systems. SuperClean provides a highly efficient cleaning an sanitizing action for all hard surfaces whilst safegaurding the action of your septic tank being entirely compatible with SepClean septic tank treatment.

Ordinary Household cleaners and detergents can damage and slow down the natural biological action in the septic tank and reduce the effectiveness of SepClean Septic tank treatment which can lead to the build of of deposits and the eventual blockage and overflows associated with this. This leads to saturated ground around the septic tank overflow area and consequent bad smells and odours.

SuperClean not only does not harm the septic tank but can actually improve the working of it. SuperClean is available in 1 litre household packs or trade size 5 litre packs.

You can trust SuperClean to provide effective cleaning and sanitizing whilst protecting your septic tank system.

SuperClean is also the ideal cleaning product for use in caravans and mobile homes where waste disposal is often tightly controlled. It will preserve the functioning of your caravan or mobile home waste collection and disposal sytem and eliminate bad odours and “grey water” conditions.